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Connecting you with the unconscious

This is not an escape room
Saint Jude is an interactive audio experience.
The show lasts approximately one hour.

What will you uncover on your first day at SAINT JUDE?

SAINT JUDE is the world’s first organisation that allows you to communicate with people trapped in lifelong, irreversible comas.

Using cutting-edge technology, you’ll be able to talk to ‘Sleepers’ - hopeless coma patients lost to the depths of unconsciousness. Saint Jude’s innovative software translates the Sleeper’s brain patterns into speech in a split second, allowing you to communicate with them directly from the coma.

Saint Jude has opened its doors and is inviting the public to plug in and become a beacon of hope to people who were once considered lost causes.

But not everything buried in the dark should be brought to light.

Booking until Saturday 1st July

Booking Information

100 Petty France, London, SW1H 9EA
Running Time
Approximately 1 hour
There is a 15+ age limit on Saint Jude due to the content involved and the nature of the show being a solo experience.
Content Guidance
During Saint Jude the following triggers may be experienced: suicide, coma, hopsital, murder, violence, mild blasphemy.

Due to the conversational nature of the show, a high level of English fluency is required. Please contact us at if you have any concerns.
Other FAQs can be found here.

Watch the SAINT JUDE trailer below